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Women Thought Leaders Are Changing The Face Of Business

This month Sydney and Melbourne will play host to the Women World Changers summit. The day-long event curated by Karen Beattie was motivated out of a desire to create a platform for honest, solution-oriented dialogue about the future of Australia’s economy, business and workforce.

Beattie told Kochie’s Business Builders (KBB) the summit will provide today’s leaders with proven insights, real-world solutions and strategies to lead and manage Australia’s workforce of the future and drive real business growth.

In a time when diversity, innovation and thought leadership are hot topics, the opportunity to hear from some of the world’s most amazing female minds should not go unnoticed. The event is a who’s who of global women’s leadership. Amongst the speakers at the event is Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama as leading keynote speaker and Australia’s longest serving Sex Discrimination Commissioner (2007 – 2015), Elizabeth Broderick.

Women World Changers is one of Australasia’s largest and only gender balanced one-day leadership summit of its kind.

“The summit is designed to drive critical dialogue on the impact and economics of women, diversity and culture on business growth,” Beattie says. She expects the summit will provide insights into the most critical leadership requirements needed to harness the full potential of Australia’s 21st century workforce.


Currently, there is a lot of talk about shaping workforces to be more diverse and flexible – and Beattie believes we are seeing a subtle but certain shift from tokenistic initiatives to more substantive moves for change.

“But the pace of change needs to be ramped up or Australia risks losing its competitive edge. Australia slipped ten places in the Global Gender Gap Report (October 2016) to number 46, this is partly due to the gender gap in income. By contrast our neighbour in New Zealand sits at number nine.

Certainly, there is no denying gender bias and gender inequality is still a big issue for women in big business and politics and according to Beattie statistics still paint a fairly bleak picture. Click here to continue reading


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Women Thought Leaders Are Changing The Face Of Business

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