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Why seek wealth?

We all have different reasons for seeking wealth. Substantial wealth acquisition will, for instance, afford us financial freedom. And I guess, in this part of the world, where poverty is so prevalent; most of us seek wealth simply to be able to afford the good things of life. After all, it is not money itself that is the end. But the things that money can purchase for us. Or the claim that money affords us to the good things of life. Things like good accommodation, good education, good healthcare, a few comfortable cars and financial security for our future and for that of our children. So all these things we desire are actually the objectives we wish to attain. Hence, we believe the money would assist us in attaining.

So our realisation that it is so that we can attain these good things that we need money will let us realise not just what we want the money for but how much of money we really need.

I will suggest that you have a private memo pad where you write your objectives for desiring wealth. That is, the things you would use your money for, once you have it. This would afford you the opportunity to revisit the list periodically in the future and check just how much of these objectives you really have been able to attain.

Let me tell you a little about my own reasons for seeking wealth.

I have found myself in a profession (i.e. journalism) that may provide for your needs for the now. Howbeit, that will not promise you any substantial income in the future i.e. post-retirement. So, expectedly, my reasons for seeking wealth or money. Even more, it is to provide for my old age and that of my wife, my children and other dependants.

I also seek wealth so as to bring my vision of being instrumental in liberating men from mental and material poverty to fruition.

So, I write this down and periodically give it a look to see how well I am doing.

Knowing specifically why you seek wealth will also give you an insight into just how far you will go to get it. For I have heard of people who burn themselves out and use up their health in their search for money, only to afterwards attempt to nurse themselves back to good health with the acquired money. In my opinion, that is an irony anyone can do without, if his priorities are listed right.

A realisation of why you seek wealth will also signal to you just when you have got ‘enough’. Amassing money for money’s sake is what causes money never to be ‘enough’ for some people no matter how much they have gotten. I have read of several people, especially in the more developed countries, that retire from active work once they have met their target of wealth acquisition. It is thus not inconceivable to hear of some millionaires retiring from active work into what they enjoy doing, such as charity and travelling even before age 40.

So my friend, ask yourself the question today: Why would I want to acquire wealth and what sacrifice(s) am I willing to make to attain my wealth objectives? Your sincere answers will go a long way to give you direction in your quest for wealth.

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