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The SME Lab

The SME Lab is a virtual and on-site incubator/accelerator service that runs on our platform,, and is also available at our physical premises.

The SME Lab identifies start-ups, small and medium enterprises, and nurtures them with business development services that may be able to afford on their own. It accommodates some ventures while location-independent ventures come and go as their needs demand.

The SME Lab has two key components: First, virtual tools which clients not incubated on our premises can access from wherever they are. All they need is an internet connection! Second, The SME Lab caters to scheduled face to face meetings with client-businesses visiting our office for quick-fixes of their immediate problems. The SME Lab has six main focus areas:

  1. Selection of potentially viable businesses.
  2. Planning for business success.
  3. Mentoring promoters, founders and prime movers.
  4. Networking and marketing opportunities.
  5. Access to business finance.
  6. Follow-up evaluation of expected results.

Whether you are looking for support for your first-ever entrepreneurial venture or seeking resources for an idea you are working on or looking to scale your growing business, The SME Lab can help you achieve your objective. It is the place to get the support and tools that you need. It is open to start-up, new and growing businesses.

For a complimentary assessment of your situation and need, please provide the required information below. Our privacy policy protects your information.

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