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The power of giving (2)


The power of giving

Give, and it shall be given unto you; …running over.
– Lk. 6:38.

Clothed In His Beauty
People refuse to give and yet wonder why they lack, when God has said it
categorically that you should give to receive and sow to reap. Howbeit, check out the
aura, charisma and magnetism of a giver whenever and wherever he is
present. It is said that God Himself dresses every giver with His beauty and

And it doesn’t matter whether the giver is a Christian or not; the principle of
give-and-receive is always at play for all givers.

Check out the classical case of that enigma, MKO Abiola, who long adopted
and oft-professed, and lived the philosophy that ‘the hand that gives is always
above the hand that receives’.


Arguably, this man remains the only one who
has ever won a general election in our country on such a massive scale;
virtually everyone voted for MKO then – there was no discrimination on tribal,
religious or any other ground for that matter. Everyone just loved MKO!
Still doubt that the Good Lord dresses and decorates the man who loves giving?

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