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Techniques of Making Money in Shares

Techniques of Making Money in Shares

Author: F.A. Akindipe
Publisher: Flarmak & Company
Date of Publication: 2002
Pages: 203
Reviewer: Lanre Inspirati Oyetade

Akindipe is an author of reasonable repute in matters of the stock market. Also, he has a small but
growing number of publications to his credit. However, all of these publications are on stock-related matters. This
particular work is not only technically sound but also practical, and thus should find some
appreciable level of applicability both in the hands of the stock market student and those
of the portfolio investor.
Though of a considerable level of technical soundness, the book combines this with
down-to-earth and easy-to-understand language that explains most technical terms in the
lay person’s expression and can thus be followed by even the newest beginners in matters
of equity investment.
The book, like the others by the author, will definitely make a good read for anyone
desirous of financial intelligence, especially in matters of equity ownership, (short-term)
trading and (long-term) investment.

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