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Stock Market/Investment Manual


Stock Market/Investment Manual

Author: Lanre Oyetade
Publisher: Pundit Publishers
Publication Date: December 2007
Pages: 88
Reviewer: Ola Emmanuel

There is no gain saying that Lanre Oyetade has, within an
epigrammatic time, risen to become a significant force that
cannot be overlooked as far as the affairs of personal finance and
stock market investment are concerned.
The book under review, “Stock Market/Investment
Manual” is indeed an answer to the prayers of many investors
and would-be shareholders who have always been asking
questions about the Nigerian equity market.
Here, Lanre sums up the totality of the book, “where to find
the nearest licensed stockbroker” to avoid falling into the hands
of dubious elements that may be posing as recognized Nigerian
stock market agents, while he adds three units on general
investment matters.
Taken as a whole, the book is an indispensable companion
of every investor.

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