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Register Your Business Name or Incorporate Your Company!

Do you want to register a Business Name or a Company? We deliver in Five (5) business days!

Simply provide the information and items listed below, and leave the rest to us:

Business Name
* Proposed Name(s)
* Two Passport Photos of Promoter(s)
* Business Address
* Home Address
* Phone Number
* Email Address
* Personal ID of Promoters: Passport, Driver’s Licence, etc.
* Names of Promoters

Limited Liability Company
* Proposed Names(s)
* Names of Two (or more) Shareholders/Directors
* Objectives of the Business
* Home Addresses of Shareholders/Directors
* Phone Numbers of Shareholders/Directors
* Email Addresses of Shareholders/Directors
* Personal ID of Shareholders/Directors


Email above information to: enterprise@smefinance.org. Or, call: +234 815 612 1212


SME Finance