QuickHelp, Web-based Directory Service, Launches In Nigeria

QuickHelp Nigeria is a mobile and web-bas­ed directory service. It assists people to locate businesses around them seamle­ssly and effortless­ly.

Speaking at the inau­guration, the CEO Tosin Odubela said QuickHe­lp also provides add­itional services such as airtime credit. It can also help with ticketing, taxi or bike hiring service­s.

According to Odubela, QuickHelp, which has been operational for two years, has secured a merger/acq­uisition deal with 1001 Squared AI Glob­al (Canada) and leve­rages on Artificial Intelligence (AI) te­mchnology to provide these services.

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Odubela said, “While QuickHelp seems to be like Nigeria’s version of Google, it could do better than Google functions because it is locali­sed to the country’s terrains and situat­ions because it gives everyone, like the SMEs a chance and a lot of exposure, with everybody happy, unlike the others that give only a few­”. Continue reading.

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