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Covid-19 Crisis: What’s Your Business Continuity Plan?

How does a Small Business Owner keep the business running in the face of the on-going ravage of the Covid-19 pandemic? Our Guest Writer, Segun McMedal, outlines a business continuity plan for your consideration and action. Read on: The first quarter of the year 2020 was very unusual – it was the period the world … Read more

6 Tips For Managing Your Work-From-Home Team

The Small Business Owner is indeed living in challenging times. In these days of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the state-sanctioned stay at home order, office work has become impossible. Work is at a virtual standstill, except for those who are able to work from home. If you and your team must work at this time, … Read more

3 Steps To Set Up Your Business On AutoPilot

One aspiration of wanting to be a Small Business Owner is the freedom to manage your time. However, a Small Business Owner who is running a business, full-time and hands-on, is not different from an employee of the business. The highly-sought freedom becomes an illusion, especially when the business begins to provide different products and … Read more

When And How To Hire A Collection Agency

Debt collection is the pursuit of payments owed by individuals or businesses. An organisation that specialises in collecting debts is known as a debt collector or collection agency. A debtor, the individual or entity that owes the debt, may fail to make a payment as and when due for a variety of reasons. It could … Read more

6 Steps To Automate Your Bookkeeping System

The Small Business Owner must manage the different functions of the business, ranging from making products and managing employees, through marketing and distribution, to finance and accounting. When you consider the manual process of reconciling the monthly books; the use of excel spreadsheets to record transactions; the upfront cost of storing information on dedicated hard … Read more

Why Business Loans Cannot Cure Lack Of Business Income

There is something lenders call the business loan hustle. Whether they are large financial organisations like banks or similar institutions that advance monies that are to be paid back with interest, lenders get used to Small Business Owners requesting for loans to run their businesses. A business loan is credit that is obtained on behalf … Read more

How To Use Budget Variances In Managing Your Business Finances

You may be the Small Business Owner who is not comfortable with sitting at your desk and reviewing the numbers that mirror your business. You may think that reading of reports is a time-consuming exercise. Yet, you need a dashboard for you to monitor and control your business. You need a report that can help … Read more

You Must Understand What The Numbers Say About Your Business

When you engage Small Business Owners in a conversation about the challenges they face in managing their business, they will mention one area of weakness they hate to deal with: Financial Management. Managing finances is the area of the business that deals with handling of cash, bookkeeping, accounting and raising capital. Unfortunately, while most Small … Read more

Three Must-Have Skills To Run A Profitable Business

You have been dreaming that some day you will start and run your own business. You are currently employed in a big company and are steadily progressing in your chosen career. But, deep inside, you have the itch to move into your own line of work, the desire to have no one to answer to, … Read more

Keeping Good Records Will Improve Your Credit Worthiness

One reason financial institutions give for not approving credit applications from small businesses is that they do not have records of their transactions. It is common to find businesses that have been trading for many years but do not keep books. This situation is made worse in the case of many Small Business Owners. Just … Read more

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