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‘How come the rich think differently?’ (2)

Have you ever wondered how come the rich think differently?

‘Purposeful thinking’
I was listening to a certain Pastor Evans on television talk about what he referred to as
‘purposeful thinking’ during one of his sermons. He expounded that one should be conscious all the time of what he is thinking about and that you can actually control your thoughts and direct them in the path of success and wealth.

Admittedly, this may not come too easy for some of us that have been used to ‘loose thinking’, but I think one way to start on this path is to be exposed to the right books, tapes, programmes, seminars, television programmes and even the right kind of company. What you allow into your mind through your eye and ear gates will ultimately shape and control your thoughts.

One will do well for his thought pattern to spend most of his time in wholesome company be
it with people, books, tapes or in watching the right kind of TV programmes.

Down to your finances

In respect to finances and matters of attaining wealth, it may be instructive, like all wealthy
people do, to make it a habit to read motivational write-ups, newspapers and books on
financial literacy; to attend good seminars on wealth creation, multiplication and
preservation, and to generally spend time in wholesome company, instead of wasting good
time on gossiping and filling one’s mind with meaningless matter such as violence and
unending entertainment on television.

And before you know it, these things that take the most of your time will positively affect
your thinking, for what you give attention to will manifest itself. And in no time, you will
also start harbouring millionaire thoughts, while poverty mentality will be a thing of the past.


So, the fact of the matter is that, what a person spends most of his time with will determine
what occupies his thoughts and in turn, his speech and action, and this will ultimately
determine whether he has a wealthy and successful living or whether he lives a life of
mediocrity and lack.
So, to my friendly reader’s question as to what makes the rich think differently, I will say it is
not a matter of difference in brain structures or even circumstances, but a matter of what the person preoccupies his time and life with. This is indeed what determines how we think,
speak and act, and thus what we ultimately become on Mother Earth.
Please think about this!


Until we ‘meet’ here again next week, I urge you to stay INSPIRED in His presence!

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