Finance Accounts

How To Set Up The Payroll System For Your Business

As a Small Business Owner, your job description includes ensuring that the people who work for your business get paid as and when due. You must also ensure that the business only pays for work done or service rendered, that the business tracks the hours and days of work or service recorded by the people … Read more

Crowdfunding As Source Of Capital

Crowdfunding is an option for raising money for financing a project or business. It enables the fundraiser to receive money from many people by use of an online platform. Instead of the more common process of getting big amounts of money from a few people, crowdfunding asks thousands and millions of people for small amounts of money, … Read more

8 Questions Investors Ask Before Funding Start-Ups

Many founders, after preparing their business plans and making several pitches, don’t seem able to move their prospects into pulling out their cheque books to fund their projects. This happens even when the project promoters believe they are ready to take their start-up to the market. They believe they have a scalable way to sell … Read more

9 Ways Businesses Make Money

A business is an organisation or entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. Regardless of the products being offered or service delivered, continuous cash-flow is needed to sustain a business. For this reason, the Small Business Owner must understand that the primary business of a business is business. That is, making money. The Small Business … Read more

When To Use A Loan To Grow Your Business

Small Business Owners, in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, continue to grapple with the double challenge of how to survive the lockdown and thrive thereafter. There are also worries that some Small Business Owners may go out of business if they do not get help. Fortunately, there is a growing range of support for them, like … Read more

8 Tips For Collecting Outstanding And Overdue Invoices

The collection of outstanding and overdue invoices can be a major pain point for many Small Business Owners. It is a necessary challenge that small businesses grapple with from time to time. Beyond consuming resources, it shifts focus and time from the core competencies of improving the business and delivering better service to customers who … Read more

6 Benefits Of Engaging A Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper in a small business performs many of the duties that accountants do for big businesses: Keeping ledgers, running trial balances, making journal entries, and preparing financial statements and tax returns. A bookkeeper may take full charge of the finances of a small business, and cover chores like opening and closing books at the … Read more

Managing Your Operating And Capital Expenses

Business expenses are the ordinary costs incurred by a business in order for it to operate, with ordinary cost being one that is common in your trade or business. A key concern of a Small Business Owner is to carefully monitor the expenses of the business, keep its accounting in order, manage its cash flow, … Read more

4 Steps To Grow Your Current Assets

A current asset of a business is any asset that can be sold or used in operating the business within a given financial year. It is an asset that appears in the balance sheet of the business and can be converted to cash over the next year. It contrasts with long-term assets, like land and … Read more

How To Organise Your Small Business’ Finances

When you are running a small business, you will be wearing many different hats, and struggling with a long to-do list. Your activities will be directed towards getting the business to make money. After all, a business that is not making money is not better than a hobby. Regardless of your financial goals, your business … Read more