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200 Digital Start-Ups Vie For Forbes’ $100k Accelerator Programme

Forbes Magazine has selected 200 Nigerian businesses, from different industries, for its digital start-up accelerator programme. The businesses emerged from a review of over 5,000 submissions and a competitive application process. They are currently undergoing a four-week virtual accelerator programme, featuring top speakers, investors and influencers. They include Tom Davis, Chief Growth Officer at Forbes … Read more

How To Budget For Your Project Or Start-Up

A budget is a statement that estimates the income and expenses expected from the future plans and objectives of a business or project. It documents, in financial form, what the owners or managers expect in an upcoming period, in line with the goals for the business or project. A budget is an essential part of … Read more

Finding Your Place In The Palm Oil Business

Mr. Godwin Emefiele, Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, has outlined the apex bank’s plan to develop a sustainable financing model to boost the production of palm oil. At a meeting with Governors from the South-East and South-South palm oil producing states, on Monday last week, Emefiele said the Bankers’ Committee has created a special … Read more

Tosin Eniolorunda: Profile Of A Master Bootstrapper

Tosin Eniolorunda and TeamApt are in the news, and for the right reasons. Tosin is the Managing Director of TeamApt Limited, a Nigerian finance technology company that provides digital banking business solutions and payment architecture for businesses. He and his company are making headlines for successfully bootstrapping their operations from zero to a profit-making enterprise, … Read more

What Can A Coach Do For You And Your Business? A lot!

What Can A Coach Do For You And Your Business? A lot! Your Coach Clarifies Your Vision. An entrepreneur is often caught in flights of fancy, mesmerised by shiny objects and prone to the siren influence. With many brilliant ideas floating in his or her head, the entrepreneur starts one idea today and drops it … Read more

How Do I Choose A Business Model For My Start-Up?

Question: How Do I Choose A Business Model For My Start-Up? Samuel Adoji, Okene Answer: Your business model, simply defined, is how your business plans to create value, and make money. Every business does one or more of three things: It makes, markets or delivers a product or service, and determines the markets to enter. … Read more

Entrepreneurial Patience: How To Become An Overnight Success

An entrepreneur is a person who takes on the financial risk of setting up a business, in the hope of making a profit. An entrepreneur is like a farmer, who understands that before you can harvest corn from your farm, you must first plant the seeds, nurture them and wait for a period of maturing, … Read more

A Bootstrapping Guide: Start On A Shoe String, And Raise Cash Later

A Bootstrapping Guide: The average business owner who wants to start a new business is faced with the challenge of raising capital. Beyond personal savings, this search for money to invest in a business idea leads to friends. It leads to family, angel investors and venture capitalists as well. When these sources are not forthcoming … Read more

How Do I Upgrade From Business Name To Limited Liability Company?

Question: How Do I Upgrade From Business Name To Limited Liability Company? Ohi Igbinoba, Benin City Answer: Entities that wish to convert from Business Name to Limited Liability Company have the option of dissolving the Business Name and registering the same name as a Limited Liability Company. However, the problem is that the Corporate Affairs … Read more

Transit From Business Owner To Chief Marketer

How To Transit From Business Owner To Chief Marketer. One of the qualities of high growth businesses is their strong focus on marketing. They regularly and continuously execute their marketing plans. It also follows that many businesses struggle because they don’t have marketing plans or execute them randomly. Marketing is a master skill in business. … Read more

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