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Cash Flow Quadrant


Cash Flow Quadrant


Author: Robert Kiyosaki with Sharon Lechter
Publisher: Warner Books, New York.
Date of Publication: 2000
Pages: 359
Reviewer: Lanre Inspirati Oyetade

According to the authors of Cash Flow Quadrant, the book is actually a continuation of their
best seller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
The book is obviously coloured by the philosophy of its chief author, Robert Kiyosaki, who
appears unrepentant in his belief that one can hardly achieve the type of financial freedom he
desires by being in paid employment or even in self-employment. He, therefore, recommends
that one should either go into business practice or do investments.
And from here derives the title of the book – Cash Flow Quadrant– that seeks to ask the reader
to think about which ‘quadrant’ they generate their income from.
The book will definitely make a good addition to your library, as it contains valuable tips on
developing your investment skills, including that of risk management.

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