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5 Keys To Unlock An Investable Business Plan

The business plan presents your business to a potential investor or financier. It also represents your best effort as the promoter of the business to clarify your plan for the business. The plan must therefore follow a format that will assist its readers to quickly scan and understand the vital data about your business. For … Read more

6 Things You Can Do With A Business Plan

A Business Plan is the document that describes the nature of a business, its sales and marketing strategy, and its financial background. It contains the projected profit and loss statement of the business, and explains how the business intends to achieve its set goals. What is the purpose of a business plan? There are the … Read more

Financing Your Small Business: Debt Vs Equity

As an aspiring or practising Small Business Owner, you will need money to start or grow your small business. In realising this objective, one question you must continually wrestle with is whether you should get a loan or get an investor. There are many unspoken concerns that lie beneath this question, which seeks to tilt … Read more

Five Steps To Making Your Business Bankable

In the course of advising budding entrepreneurs, one hears one recurring request:  ‘‘Help me get a loan to start my business.” Truth be told. This request almost always falls on deaf ears. You will have great difficulty in get a taker. It is near impossible to find a bank that will advance credit to a … Read more

10 Items For Estimating The Cost Of Starting Your Business

If you are thinking of starting a business, you must also be silently asking yourself: How much will it cost to start? The cost of starting some businesses can be high while that of starting others can be far less expensive. It depends on what you’re starting, a micro, small or medium-size business. Even within … Read more

Purpose Can Make Your Business Plan Bankable

Are you starting a business, growing a going concern or acquiring an existing enterprise? Whichever you are embarking on, you need to create a strong and bankable business plan. A bankable business plan is a loan or investment proposal that earns approval and attracts financing for your venture. It is a document that addresses the … Read more

Three Things Small Business Owners Need To Raise Start-Up Capital

The Small Business Owner trying to raise cash for the next business idea readily comes to terms with the many reasons investors can give for turning down a proposal. Reasons like: The business plan is not complete. The projections are overly optimistic. The market is not big enough. The product or service needs further development. … Read more

10 Questions Your Start-Up Pitch Must Answer

As the competition for investment capital continues to grow, and your search for funding intensifies, you are faced with the need to put together a strong and compelling pitch that will convince investors to fund your start-up. To improve your chance of winning investors for your start-up, here are 10 questions, each tailored to your … Read more

Seven Mistakes To Avoid In Financing Your Business

Avoiding  business financing mistakes is a key component in business survival. If you commit these business financing mistakes too often, you will greatly reduce any chance you have for long term business success. The key is to understand the causes and significance of each so that you are in a position to make better decisions. … Read more

How To Write Your Business Plan

What is a business plan? A business plan is a planning document which summarises the operational and financial objectives of a business. It contains detailed plans and budgets showing how the business will pursue and realise its set goals. Why do you need a business plan for your business? A business plan is a vital first step … Read more

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