About Us


Welcome to our offerings for our target audience of Small Business Owners and Independent Professionals. Welcome to SME FINANCE.

SME FINANCE runs on our real-time, online publishing platform (www.smefinance.org) and is complemented by our weekly digital newspaper, (www.smefinance.org/newspaper), with print copy available on demand. Both titles focus primarily on providing news and information on where and how Small Business Owners and Independent Professionals can secure funding to start, run and grow their businesses.

Why SME FINANCE? Although Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) suffer from a long list of challenges, such as shortage of executive capacity, poor access to markets, weak infrastructure support, access to finance is a challenge that arguably tops the list. This is the reason for our focus. It is intriguing that, in spite of the growing list of funding options for Small and Medium Enterprises, their financial health doesn’t seem to be recording a commensurate and noticeable improvement.

The conjecture is that either the potential beneficiaries do not know of the existence of these sources of funds, if indeed they do exist, or they are unable to access them for whatever reason. SME FINANCE is at the vanguard seeking to resolve this puzzle.

SME FINANCE exists to help Small Business Owners and Independent Professionals pursue their passion for entrepreneurship, by pointing them to the resources, finance in particular, that they critically need for success. It addresses the PAIN (Problems, Aspirations, Issues, Needs) of Small Business Owners and Independent Professionals. It keeps them informed about sources of financial and related resources, and supports them with mentoring and allied services, through practical articles, live and online training, books, workshops, courses, seminars and exhibitions.

Our guiding mission and vision are to inform and form Nigeria’s Small Business Owners and Independent Professionals, and build a Professional and Social Network which empowers them to share ideas and help each other.

To provide vehicles and channels for Small Business Owners and Independent Professionals to learn, earn and profit. That is the promise of SME FINANCE.