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40 Low Start-up Businesses That Can Make You Rich

40 Low Start-up Businesses That Can Make You Rich

Author: Dare Dickson-Afeni & Andy Evbuomwan
Publisher: Not Indicated
Date of Publication: 2006
Pages: 141
Reviewer: Lanre Inspirati Oyetade
Rating: B+

Firstly, the authors believe that entrepreneurship is the ideal harbinger of real wealth. Hence, they have written a start-up series on small businesses as an encouragement to Nigerians – both young and old – and indeed all Africans, to embrace entrepreneurship.


Even more, the book gives tips on 40 likely low start-up businesses one can start and run. However, these range from livestock feed production to interior decoration; consultancy; proofreading; tour packaging; consultancy services; corporate gifts; wedding planning; recruitment agency; catfish farming; and many more.


Also, the final part of the book attempts to give inspiration to start-up and existing entrepreneurs through motivational write-ups on business ownership.


Furthermore, the book is a valuable material in pointing to business types for the mind and library of the man or woman interested in business ownership. Hence, it comes highly recommended.

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